Where and How It All Started

It all began when I saw Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi / Great King And Four Gods 태왕사신기 [MBC] or simply, The Legend. I guess everyone who has seen and followed the series will agree with me that we never quite expected that the person behind the ugly mask will look this good.

Confession time: I keep looking at the TV screen because it took me quite awhile to fully accept that the person sans the mask is a man and not an Asian version of Angelina Jolie! LOL seriously, he looked so delicately beautiful and with that long hair, can you blame me? Since that first appearance, i started hanging on to every scene, hoping he would appear and when he does show up, i would hope he would just speak.(hey, but his voice sounds sooo good. Again, can you blame me?)


Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog dedicated to Korean actor Philip Lee 이필립. This is my first time ever to create a blog about any favorite celebrity, so Philip Lee, if by some bizarre twist of fate you’re reading this, you should feel privileged. Hur hur! Kidding aside, I actually created this for all of those fans who do not understand or speak Korean. I have yet to come across an English site, and since Philip speaks and understands English anyway, I thought, why not create a site where these non-Korean fans could gather, right? So here it is. I am doing /updating this each free time I get so I apologize if i may not post for a day or two. Work and studying is hectic. But, if you wish to post contributions or want to help organize the site, feel free to post a comment and I can give you access / log in info to this site so you can also post.

Thank you for visiting and check back again soon as I will definitely keep updating this site.