Philip Lee and Kim Tae Hee

I have come across comments in forums and video-sharing sites about PL looking like a male version of Kim Tae Hee, which I find really funny because – yes! In some photos, they do! The weird thing is that, Philip even looks prettier than KTH sometimes. Hurhur! It’s a good thing that he’s keeping his facial hair, though. Because it gives his face more character. Edgier. As compared to being so clean-shaven… although he looks really nice that way. But still, I’m sure actresses wouldn’t like it if their leading man is prettier, right? ^_^

separated at birth? LOL
The good thing was, Philip is actually aware that people say he looks like Kim Tae Hee and even wants to meet her because of that. LOL Now it’s nice to know our man doesn’t take offense and has a sense of humor ^_^


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