Newest Update from Philip Lee oppa


Latest update from Philip was a few days ago on his official website (4th of April). In it his manager said that the cause of injury was diplopia (aka double vision) and that Philip’s recovering process is continuing very well.


The weather is good recently.However, be careful not to catch cold because there is a big difference in the temperature between day and night.

There are many people caring about Philip’s present condition.
Philip’s eye has suffered severe injury, and is healing sequentially during this period.
Double vision was serious, but a lot of good works are coming for him.
In order to recover quickly, he was prohibited alcohol drinking.
He wants to be cured soon so that he could come back earlier with more mature figure.

Health is the best!!!

From Philip’s Agent 2013.04.04

I’m happy that he’s recovering and to hear from him after 5 months of absence is very comforting but double vision! This hurts! 😦

On another stand, Philip rarely involves his fans unless he has something in store for them. Thus, let us hope this means he’s picking a new project soon.

Thanks for theTaiwan fanclub for the translation


3 thoughts on “Newest Update from Philip Lee oppa

  1. There is a definite void without the presence of Philip Lee. Our prayers go out to him for a full recovery. He is missed very much for his acting skills but mostly for his human demeanor. Here is hoping all is well in your life and that you understand that you are more than just an actor. Having said that, there are many who would love to see you perform again for many years to come..

  2. I for one would like to know what really happened to Philip Lee in Korea. He was such a talent and is sorely missed. I know there is lots of jealousy when it comes to someone like Philip. He is handsome, from a wealthy family, grew up in America, is very smart speaks perfect English and can act. If someone hurt him they should go to jail. There is still a lot of corruption in Korea.

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