Philip Made an Apearance this Month!


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After being absent for almost 5 months due to an eye surgery, we see this man fine and well again. He looks perfectly healthy, thank God. The above screen captures are taken from a couple of videos featuring the conferment of an honorary doctoral degree upon Mr. Simon Lee (Philip’s father) from Korea university on May 2nd. Good thing he wore the same suit he was wearing in Faith press conference so that we can easily spot him.

Sounds he lost some weight 😦  I know having him back in action is enough for now but shall I be greedy and anticipate a new project… 😀

Here are the videos. One is 3 minutes long, the other is 20+. We only get to see Philee in a few captures, however. Focus on the tall guy carrying an adorable little girl next to the stage while passing flower bouquets to his nieces :p

Link to the videos

Screen captures credit: Poco at DC Gallery



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