Philip Hopes to Make a Comeback on 2014

After being described on TvN’s talk show Taxi as “A true royal family!” by Lee Seojin, Philip Lee’s name topped Naver searching results and was trending on Daum as well. Here’s a news report about it (In English),

A notice was published accordingly to Philp’s official website the next day stating the following:

Hello, everyone. How are you? There are only four months left in 2013.
It’s cold during the night but it is still hot and humid during the day. Please do not catch a cold.
Recently, Philip’s name was listed in NAVER, we were contacted by a lot of people. Asking about Philip, his recent activities, and health. He is fine and is healing still. He likes football, so he is currently watching and enjoying its broadcasting at dawn.
(Sometimes, while cooking) It is difficult this year, but we have hope to comeback in 2014. We wish health and happiness of everyone. So, let’s meet again.
  Sept. 2nd 2013
Thank you Ms. Waka Nagahori for the translation! I edit it a bit. No change in meaning however.

4 thoughts on “Philip Hopes to Make a Comeback on 2014

  1. Where are you? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back. There’re only two months left in 2014. I want to read “Philip Lee to make a comback in romance drama” on allkpop soon. Miss you. Just know that you have people around the world that loves you.

  2. Really missing you. I hope you are healthy and taking good care of yourself. If it is good for you to make a comeback, I sincerely hope you do so, however, if it is not good for your life than please refrain from doing so. Although, you would be sorely missed forever. Blessings on you…

  3. Philips Lee, please let your fans know how you are doing. We miss you. When are you coming back to kdramaland?

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