Happy 6th Anniversary; Best 6 Philip Lee Moments!

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November 1st  is the completion of Philip’s 6th year as an actor. As a way to celebrate that I asked for her best Phil scenes; combining them with mine I came up with the following list of best 6 Philip Lee moments in terms of acting, cuteness, and swoon worthiness. I know it’s hard to find a scene with cute Phil since he always depicts serious characters but bear with me. Here it goes. ♥_♥

  • Philip’s First Scene in Legend (with the mask OFF)
The very first time any fan saw his face was in episode16 from Legend drama. It didn’t just mark Phill’s debut as a handsome actor with smart brains encased in that hot body of his. It’s more than that actually. Let me convey it in another fan’s words (ayamin101 from utube) 4years ago.
     Sweet mother of pearl. No joke, but in the drama when he finally pealed off all his demon skin, I literally screamed in surprise. WHAT A GORGEOUS FACE. THOSE LIPS! THAT JAW.
      And he was SO cute in drama itself, like a stalking, silent shadow. His one-sided love for Sujini was freaking adorable. I loved how he had this sort of sixth-sense about her, haha.
      Those other pictures…WOW. Just…wow. <3!
That’s the thing. His performance there was/is the very first evidence of Philip’s graceful acting. It got him nominated for MBC’s Best Newcomer Award on 2007.
  • Speaking English
(screencaptures by  marifuschi)my action 2
my action

– I like everything fabiouls, the action and director’s profile.

-My action style is more polished than flashy.

You can’t watch Secret Garden without the lines above standing out. Hearing them, I remember pausing the video (4th episode) and running a background check on Phil.  A hottie in a KDrama with a sexy English! I mean not only that he speaks good English, he does that in a manly husky deep voice *heart shaped eyes*
I made this Video of Phil’s English using cuts from Slingshot drama. Shower your ears with bliss.
  • Showing Some Skin aka Fangirling Moments
Fangirling might be an ongoing state indeed; every moment with a hotie on screen is a fangirling moment but oppa showing some skin takes fangirling into a totally higher phase. Hence came the naming 😛 Behold..

(screencaptures by koreandramascreenshots)


The last is a semi-irralavant bonus 😀

  • Athlete-nim Phil
The mighty rock climbing scene, fast reflex showcase, fighting scenes- Anything with sweat included is a Philip Lee moment that you don’t want to miss as a Philee.
0 4 5 6
The rock climbing scene made it to the list not solely for Phil’s toned Physique but also for performing it as flawlessly as he did. If I was asked to act while hanging between the heavens and the earths, the only expression they’re getting from me is screaming XD. However, uri usual hardworking Phil has obviously had sufficient training to nail it.
1 3
Ok…not enough training to go all the way up without help but one that is fair enough to make fangirls swoon and hats get off.
 (gifs by paper-box)
The Matrix  Neo scene …Just BRAVO! Can you blame me for wanting him to play an athlete +_+
Damsel in distress —–> Prince charming to the rescue

 photo FIGHTING-SCENE-13_Chair_800_2_zps1a4bd37f.gif

Fighting scene..

  • Brooding aka Eye Performance.
When he just stands/sits there with nothing but a smirk or a piercing look on. That is known as Philip’s smoldering style. Another Philee described it as strong acting without doing a lot of fuss. Amen! It’s lucky for Philees that our man holds an amazingly strong screen presence. No matter how crowded the screen is with fellow stars, he always stands out; you can’t ignore him despite his quietness.
In several interviews Philee commented that upon receiving the script for Legend, he undertook acting lessons on how to deliver feelings with Churo’s, the character, eyes mainly. For he thought it challenging to do so without being a bit boring. Well, watching oppa brood can be heartbreaking but it is not, by any mean, boring.
Behind the Scenes of Blue Dragon brooding for Sujini on that lucky bridge.
  • Plain Cute
There are moments that don’t in fact add much to the storyline nor require much acting skills, they’re just plain adorable. I know I know… how can the warrior Churo, Director Im, or High Doctor JangBin be adorable? He is, take a look.
 (gif by paper-box)
Hangover kumdom-nim fighting over Raim.

Am I the only one who finds him adorable in a beanie ♥_♥

Boyishly Smiling, in a beanie, kissing his lil niece. Wah

He almost blushes even..
Hugging Hyun Bin as Raim…awww ❤

Since today is Philee’s birthday as an actor I thought it’s convenient to conclude the post with a couple of wishes from his last birthday.

#HappyBirthdayPhilip Happy Birthday dear Lee Philip, i wish you all the best xoxo i’m really lucky to be a Philee ♥

— Sarah Al-Muhanna -サラ (@Sarah_Sama) May 25, 2013

#HappyBirthdayPhilip I hope you’ll live happy, live to the fullest, live for every sky you became a rainbow in its horizon! Dearest Philip.

— Lee Philip love (@leephiliplove) May 25, 2013

Feel free to reorganize the scenes to your content or add a new best moment at the comment section bellow.


2 thoughts on “Happy 6th Anniversary; Best 6 Philip Lee Moments!

  1. I’m glad that he is ok… actualy I’ve find this page by searching for the informations abot him cause i miss him 😉 so I have found it in the bottom of this page so thanx and greetings from Bosnia

    • I’m glad the site was of help to you 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I too am very happy happy for he’s ok and hoping to hear about a new project of his very soon!

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