Video & Notice; Philip’s Wishes of a Happy 2014!


In a video recorded as a part of being featured in Bible Life magazine’s Jan 2014 issue, Philip wished his fans a merry Christmas and a happy new year 🙂

This is rather late I know, however, it’s here now so let’s just be happy Philee is! A bit chubby…

As for the video’s content, he’s basically happy to meet us via this video, this year seems to have a lot of work coming [unlike 2013] and that he’ll do his best.

Also, on Feb. 16 2014 this notice was published to Philip’s official website:

Hello, How are you guys.

The weather was quite warm. However, there is a temperature difference in day and night, please be careful not to catch a cold.

Philip is staying at his house in the United States.

He loves children. He plays snowball fight with his nieces and nephew. And eats something good there too. He seems to spend very happy days.

I work hard to be able to do a lot of work after Philip spends a good vacation everyone, Happy New Year!^ _ ^

(Thank you Waka Nagahori for the translation!)

So he’s having fun back home while manager-nim sets the upcoming work up in Korea. Cool with me; play hard to work hard kinda situation. Maybe my next post will contain further info on the nature of that work or something *fingers crossed*. I think Philip’s older sister, Julie, was expecting last year, as you can conclude from the picture below. Uncle Phil might’ve dropped by to spend time with the newly born member into the Lee family ❤


From Mr. Simon Lee’s (Philip’s father) conferment ceremony on May 2013.  Julie Lee in green.


Phil with his nieces and nephews during the ceremony



5 thoughts on “Video & Notice; Philip’s Wishes of a Happy 2014!

  1. We miss you loads Philip. I am happy that you are fine cause i’ve been so worried. I look forward to seeing you this year 2014. Please star in a romantic drama 🙂

  2. Please…¡come back Phillip!… we miss you…our life is very sad whithout you… Por favor… regresa… en Chile también te queremos y esperamos.

  3. Sure !
    i am from France and we miss you here too. Hope to see you staring as good as always 😉
    You’re really great actor ! So… hate de vous revoir dans un drama ou dans un film peut être ? ^^

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