안녕하세요 여러분!

This is an English fansite/blog i made for Korean actor Lee Philip. This is unofficial, and i came up with this solely because i cannot seem to find any English website about him. This is also for other LP fans who might want to have an easy reference/resource site about him without having to struggle to understand Korean/hangul, or translate the entire page. I know most of us non-Koreans do not really wish to go through that hassle everytime. (as much as we love Kdramas and anything Korean, right?)

i am not in any way related or close to, nor do i know Lee Philip personally. I have been a fan of his work though, since TWSSG (The Legend) and have followed his career since. I love his being somewhat shy and reserved, his refined demeanor, his smile, those pretty eyes, his toned physique – okay okay, i guess it’s pretty clear that i’m also like any self-respecting straight girl (of sound mind and body) who appreciates a gorgeous creature like him, huh? ^_^

i am not from Korea, by the way, although i must admit i am quite fascinated with  almost all things Korean. I am presently seriously, learning the language (as in I am just learning to read and write Hangul at the moment) so that when i do visit South Korea one day, and maybe see LP in the flesh, i could dish out a few decent Korean sentences aside from simply, giddily shrieking “Oppa!” with heart-shaped eyes and flushed cheeks. Hur hur ^_^ (I know he is very fluent in English but still…)

Anyway, feel free to look around. Contributions are also very much welcome, but please when you do send in a photo, video, artcle/interview, fan art, et cetera, do include your name and location so you can be properly credited, okay? You may also post feedback, comments, suggestions through the “Comments” field provided in each post.

Thank you very much for visiting the site. Enjoy!


PS, it’s just really my wordpress username (pollyannahitler) which i couldn’t change anymore as its an old account and i just created a new blog for LP. Do not fear, i am not, in any way, Nazi ^_^


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  1. Thanks !!! I like Lee Phillip… and I was looking any website on him… He is so hot and good actor… The Legend, A Man’s story and Secret Garden… he was amazing.. catching attention to many fans… Go ahead!!

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