Join the Fanlisting

I was supposed to make a new fanlisting but then i came across this site and it’s already approved and listed at so it’s best to just link that site here so we can get more on the list and spread more leephiliplove right?

so head on to this site, click join and add yourself to the list. email addresses and website info shall be kept confidential if you want them to. if you own a blog or website, please don’t forget to link back to the page.


14 thoughts on “Join the Fanlisting

  1. i tried to google philip lee but there’s not much write ups about him on the internet. and the several search hits about him have the same short info about him… hmmmm… this just can’t satiate my curiosity about the guy… hahaha… i first saw him in secret garden and was fascinated about his good english.. heck.. his was probably the best amongst his co-casts. with the perfect accentuation and pronunciation (nice! Ü)… but that’s just what google can explain for me, his english proficiency…

    grrrrr… how frustating… these are the times you hate google for failing you (sigh)…

    oh well…

    i just need to know more!!! learn more about him… hahahaha… Ü

  2. Love him !!! .Im a fan from Puerto Rico and discovered this georgeous man on YT,I feel in love instantly with his intense presence… Hope to hear from from him on this site.
    Thanks ! Becaangel

  3. Happy birthday, oppa. May you be healthy,wealthy,happy,and successful forever.I am waiting for your new drama.I wish you are relieve from your eye injury quickly.It will very hurt.I know because my mom also operated her eye few months ago.she cant’t do nothing.I am waiting for your come back.I love you philip oppa.fighting.

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