Happy 6th Anniversary; Best 6 Philip Lee Moments!

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November 1st  is the completion of Philip’s 6th year as an actor. As a way to celebrate that I asked for her best Phil scenes; combining them with mine I came up with the following list of best 6 Philip Lee moments in terms of acting, cuteness, and swoon worthiness. I know it’s hard to find a scene with cute Phil since he always depicts serious characters but bear with me. Here it goes. ♥_♥

  • Philip’s First Scene in Legend (with the mask OFF)
The very first time any fan saw his face was in episode16 from Legend drama. It didn’t just mark Phill’s debut as a handsome actor with smart brains encased in that hot body of his. It’s more than that actually. Let me convey it in another fan’s words (ayamin101 from utube) 4years ago.
     Sweet mother of pearl. No joke, but in the drama when he finally pealed off all his demon skin, I literally screamed in surprise. WHAT A GORGEOUS FACE. THOSE LIPS! THAT JAW.
      And he was SO cute in drama itself, like a stalking, silent shadow. His one-sided love for Sujini was freaking adorable. I loved how he had this sort of sixth-sense about her, haha.
      Those other pictures…WOW. Just…wow. <3!
That’s the thing. His performance there was/is the very first evidence of Philip’s graceful acting. It got him nominated for MBC’s Best Newcomer Award on 2007.
  • Speaking English
(screencaptures by  marifuschi)my action 2

FAN ART: Wallies


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Since there isn’t much news about our main man Philip Lee aside from he’s busy filming his new sageuk “FAITH”, here are a few stuff to keep him visible at least in your desktop. Just like in mine. Here 😉 … Continue reading

Interview (Translated): The Bond between BYJ and �Four Gods� Inside Story Revealed by the Co-stars of TWSSG

Through almost two years of shooting, I hear that they have become ‘comrades’. In the drama, the �Four Gods� protected the leading character played by BYJ. Just like their roles in the drama, while radiating the strong personality of her or his own, each one has deepened the bond.

Interviewer: Rumi Hayashi

�It is actually very difficult for the co-stars to become close to each other through a (piece of) work.�

This is what BYJ (35) said while he was in Japan. A highly competitive Korean entertainment world, where one�s ability is stringently examined. This remark must reflect his true feeling coming from his own experience of having played the leading roles for fourteen years since his debut.

For BYJ, the leading actor of the drama TWSSG which took about two years of shooting, it has become a special piece of work in that sense.

� �Through this work, I feel like I’ve got real younger brothers, younger sisters, and an elder brother. From this aspect, the shooting was a lot of fun.�

The story of the drama is that Damdeok , a king of Koguryo, through the fateful encounters with the reincarnations of four gods, getting over the difficulties, grew to be a real king. How Damdeok would build the bond with four gods is one of the highlights of the drama.

American businessman-turned-actor

Among the ‘Four Gods’, the appearance of another great new face got into the news. It is Lee Philip (27) who played Cheoro, the reincarnation of blue dragon. He first appeared wearing a stern mask. When the mask came off from his head, there was a handsome young man with long hair, which excited female viewers in Korea and he was overwhelmed with interviews and commercial endorsement offers.

Philip also stood in front of the camera for the first time. He is second generation Korean-American. After graduating from Boston College, he has a unique career as a businessman who specialized in IT management in graduate school of George Washington University. PD Kim selected a new face because he didn�t want to give mysterious Cheoro a stereotype image.

�Becoming an actor has been my dream since my childhood. I ventured to turn to an actor because I thought I could go into business later on and then my whole life has changed. Through the drama I learned Korean culture and history, which was very good. �

With twinkling slit eyes, he speaks in a deep voice. He is fresh and polite.

�Though Cheoro was unable to fulfill his love, he kept an eye on his love silently and I was attracted by this. After fully understanding the concept of my role, I studied how I should express it with subtle movement of my eyes.”

In the latter part of the drama, his sad love inspires viewers� emotion.

�Cheoro and I are similar in that we are single-hearted (bb: i suspect the writer is trying to say he’s got an one-track mind and very focussed on one thing at a time…?) To a woman, however, I think he is just one-sided.” (laughs)

When the shooting first began, he was not fluent in Korean and often got confused and it was BYJ who helped him.

�I learned from him not only an attitude towards acting, but also a lot of techniques. At first I had no idea which part of myself, my face or my whole body, was being filmed. So he taught me steadily from the very beginning, on how I should do to look good or what I was requested to do. He is gentle like a real brother. �

While they were in Japan, he constantly stayed close to BYJ, who hadn�t recovered from his leg injury and (Philip) extended a helping hand to him.

BYJ celebrated Philip�s birthday on May 26 at his restaurant. The rest of the ‘Four Gods’, Oh Kwong Rok, Park Sung Won were also there and they drank till the next morning. Those four are really good friends even now.

�While shooting, I was able to go through numerous experience, but the biggest pleasure was that I could meet all those seniors and build such a relationship as a family.�

Asked about the highlight of the drama, however, he answered as follows:

�It is the scene that I appear. (laughs) I became confident by appearing in a work that expands to Asia. There are lots of actors who are handsomer than I am, so I would like to be an actor who can act with his inner feelings without depending on his looks.�


original in japanese: AERA 2008/07/14
scanned & posted by: miemi / byjgallery
translated into english: cloudnine / bb’s blog

credits/source: @ Soompi Forums, Philip Lee official thread

Cheoro was Once a Role without Lines

Lee Philip:
Cheoro was Once a Role without Lines

Lee Philip said that the character of Cheoro in TWSSG was originally a role without lines at all.

During a recent interview, Lee Philip has said, “Actually, Cheoro was originally a role without any lines at all. Director Kim Jong Hak had described that character to me like that, so I decided to accept the role.

When I had first met with PD Kim, I still didn’t know how to speak Korean. Perhaps it’s because of this, he had designed the role of Cheoro as one without lines. Initially, he didn’t describe what kind of role Cheoro was, he merely said, ‘Let’s work hard together.’

When filming had started, he realised that I was able to speak Korean rather well by then, so he added lines for me.”

In addition, Lee Philip also said, “It’s purely because I really like performing, that’s why I had left my career in the States to return to Korea.”

credits/source: @ Soompi Forums, Philip Lee / TWSSG official thread

Photos: Cheoro

Here are photos of Philip Lee as Cheoro.









Philip Lee as Cheoro with Sujini (played by the remarkable Lee Ji Ah)…

if you people saw Legend, you’re probabaly as torn as i am as to which pairing to root for – Damdeok(Bae Yung Joon) and  Sujini, or Cheoro and Sujini. Sigh.

credits/source: @ Soompi Forums, Philip Lee / TWSSG official thread