Philip Lee’s endorsement for L’inoui


In 2012 Philip endorsed for L’inoui store showing a completely different aura than his usual guy next door style.The photoshoot took place on January while the store’s official opening event was on the 4th of April. Here are some pictures from the event and the photoshoot.

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Photos: Buckaroo Jeans endorsement

Philip Lee is the new endorser of Buckaroo Jeans, with actress Park Min Young.

Actress Park Min Young and actor Lee Philip recently had a fun and sexy photoshoot for ‘Buckaroo Jeans‘.

Modeling various new styles of jeans, the actress portrayed her innocence as well as her glamorous sexiness in the photos. Lee Philip, on the other hand, portrayed the casual look well, capturing the natural yet funky feel of the jeans.

The two met for the first time for this photoshoot, yet the actors showed off perfect harmony. Their collaboration drew much praise from the staff, both working extremely hard and constantly monitoring their poses.

This was Lee Philip’s first photoshoot after wrapping up “Secret Garden“, which took the drama world by a storm. In contrast, Park Min Young is currently filming her movie, “Cats“.

It is said that the actors never once lost their smiles, and laughed throughout the entire photoshoot, recharging the energy of the staff.

Credits: @ Soompi Forums, Philip Lee / Secret Garden official thread

News/Article: “Secret Garden” Lee Phillip’s Charisma Explodes

Lee Phillip has been chosen as the model of French premium haircare brand, Kerastase Homme.

He has played the role of stunt acting school’s teacher, Lim Jong Soo in the recent hit drama, “Secret Garden” with natural wave hair style.

In the photoshoot, he showed off the familiar luxurious image and firm muscles for strong manly charms.

Lee Seung Chul, the manager of Kerastase Korea, said “Lee Phillip was perfect to be the model because of his maintained body as well as healthy hair.”

“I hope that his charisma that is hidden in his soft image will synergize with the brand and bring a positive change in the brand name.”

Lee Phillip said “My scalp became sensitive because of the continuous filming so I had to talk with a professional to find the product that works well for my hair.”

“I think to keep healthy, constantly working out and exercising is crucial. Also, for healthy hair, using products that work well with one’s hair is very important.”