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Hope You Are Well, Oppa ;-)

I apologize for the late update. In case you guys have been following Faith and is wondering why you haven’t seen our dear oppa in the last several episodes (on top of his almost hard-to-catch appearances in the earlier episodes. Sigh), it is because he had to drop out of the series a few weeks before they shoot the finale because of an eye injury. As of this writing, Philip should have undergone surgery already and is hopefully recovering well.

I hope everything went fine with his treatment and that he is resting for now. I am also hoping and praying that he will get a better, meatier role in his next drama. All the best, Lee Philip oppa ❤

Here is the write-up from Dramabeans:

Philip Lee injured, drops out of Faith

Oh no, bad news for Philip Lee, who has sustained an eye injury and is now pulling out of the currently airing Monday-Tuesday drama Faith. The injury did not arise during drama filming, but because he is scheduled for surgery next week he won’t be able to continue shooting.

Philip Lee said, “I have a heavy heart to be dropping out of the drama so close to the final broadcast. Above all I want to convey my apologies to the fans who have shown love for Faith.”

It’s too bad that he leaves so close to the drama’s finale without getting to be a part of it. On the other hand, it’s both fortunate for the drama and a damn shame for him that he’s barely a presence in the show to begin with, despite the setup hinting at a much meatier role. His Jang Bin character is supposedly Goryeo’s greatest doctor, and should have provided a counterpart to Kim Hee-sun’s modern medical perspective. Plus, he could have also provided some pushback as a romantic rival to Lee Min-ho, given that Jang Bin often lent a friendly, sympathetic ear to our heroine, especially when our hero was the one aggravating her.

And yet, we ended up with nuthin’. I wonder if this is a victim of the live-shoot or evidence of poor planning from the outset, in not rewriting his character and scenes to fit the newest versions of the story, which has undergone some significant changes since its earlier versions. In any case, I’ve thought it was puzzling to have him cast, then only trotted out to play occasional exposition fairy. He may not be the most skilled actor around, but surely he was good for more than his two minutes per episode.

Better luck next time, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Some News, and a sort of Apology ^_^

My posts are totally fangirly, but what can i do? ^_^ Philip Lee though, is not just your average pretty faced guy gracing your TV screens and making you wish you’re in a scene with him. He’s not only turning out to be quite an effective actor. He’s also smart, educated, refined and obviously well-bred. I do not know him personally, most of us do not know much about him. But whatever info we have on the guy, I guess, is enough to keep him in our hearts and keep us watching out for his next ventures, right? Let’s keep on supporting Philip Lee.

He’s said to be in an upcoming sageuk called Faith, from the same writer of TWSSG and A Man’s Story. Here’s the news on that:

Philip Lee is probably most known for his drama debut role as Cheoro (as pictured above) in 2007′s fantasy sageuk series Legend (Taewangsasingi), which he followed up by playing a man on a revenge mission in last year’s contemporary thriller Story of a Man. His next project returns him to the historical genre in Faith, a medical series starring Lee Jun-ki and Kim Hee-sun.

(However, it is noted that currently Lee Jun-ki’s casting status has become uncertain due to the issue of his upcoming military service requirement. The drama is planning to air later this year, but there’s not much room to play with, as Lee Jun-ki will have to serve by the end of this year.)

The drama is set in the Goryeo (Koryo) era, but it doesn’t sound like a straight sageuk (unlike, say, the current medical sageuk Jejoongwon), and is instead described as a “fantasy medical drama.” He plays a skilled and notable doctor whose cold personality gives him a proud image.

This reunites Philip Lee with director Kim Jong-hak, with whom he worked in Legend. (Trivia! Legend was written by Song Ji-nah, who also worked together with PD Kim on 1995′s Sandglass. Writer Song was so impressed with Philip Lee’s performance in Legend that she wrote him into her following drama, Story of a Man. Her next project, by the way, is the anticipated campus series What’s Up.)

Faith is being written by Jung Yoon-jung and Hwang Hye-ryung, who wrote for both seasons of the hit cable drama Chosun Police. Not a bad lineup.

Via Hankyung

I can’t wait! Hoping we’d get more info on this upcoming drama soon.

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Philip Lee in Story of a Man

Following are news that came out regarding Philip Lee’s inclusion in the 2008 drama A Man’s Story (a.k.a. Story of a Man / Guy Talk / The Slingshot):

Most people got their first look at Philip Lee in the blockbuster fantasy-historical drama Legend (Taewangsashingi), in which he played the role of Cheoro. More than a year later, he’s returning to television in the new KBS series Story of a Man.

Story of a Man has already attracted notice for its scriptwriter, the much-lauded Song Ji-nah, who penned Legend as well as the (dare I say legendary?) 1995 drama Sandglass. It is said that Song wrote the character in this latest drama specifically for Philip Lee, who will display some of his English skills through his Korean-American character. The drama centers around a young rich man whose father’s business is bankrupted by a corrupt, large corporation, who then vows revenge.

The drama stars Park Yong-ha (On Air), Kim Kang-woo (Marine Boy), and Park Shi-yeon (La Dolce Vita) and will follow Boys Before Flowers on Mondays and Tuesdays starting late March.

Via Herald Biz

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